What Would Taylor Swift Wear?

Taylor Swift's white lace drop waist dress at Club RED

White lace swing dress in New Jersey

Taylor Swift's black A-line coat in Spain

Black flared coat and striped tights in Madrid, Spain

Taylor Swift's brown coat on NYE in New York

Brown coat on New Years Eve

Taylor Swift's black and white bird dress while out with Harry Styles

Black and white print dress with pin dot tights

Taylor Swift's brown flared coat in New York

Brown flared coat with pink gingham check scarf in New York

Taylor Swift's black longsleeved lace dress

Black lace sleeved dress with striped tights

Taylor Swift's striped ruffle dress and yellow floral cardigan

Green striped ruffle dress with chevron tights while out to dinner with Selena Gomez

Taylor Swift's maroon dress in Japan

Burgundy dress and bow tights at Narita airport Japan

Taylor Swift's black and white dress while in Paris

Black and white elbow sleeve dress in Paris

Taylor Swift's dice print dress

Navy blue dice print dress with white collar and brown satchel and patterned tights in London

Taylor Swift's outfit on GMA performance

Black sparkley sweater, skirt and striped tights on GMA performance October 2012

Cute Dress Break

Cream and Red Bow Sweater

Cream and Red Bow Sweater

Taylor Swift in a grey sweater dress

Grey Sweater Dress

Taylor Swift's cute panda sweater

Grey Panda Sweater

Taylor's grey dress on Good Morning America

Grey Lace Sleeved Dress on GMA

Taylor Swift's black lace sleeved dress at the CMAs

Black Lace Sleeved Dress at CMAs

Taylor Swift in a black and white striped top

Striped top and tights

Taylor Swift's black patterned dress

Black bird print dress with striped stockings and brown oxfords

Taylor Swift in a Patterned Cap Sleeve Dress

Bronze patterned short sleeve dress

Taylor Swift at Hong Kong airport

Navy skirt with tights tan handbag in Japan

Taylor Swift's cute yellow oversized beanie

Yellow knit beanie, navy toggle coat and tan oxford heels

Taylor Swift on the Today Show

Charcoal dress with black tights from the Today Show

Taylor Swift in striped tights

Black and red floral dress with striped tights from Speak Now Press conference

Cute Dress Break