What Would Taylor Swift Wear?

Taylor Swift's geometric cardigan on MTV

White cardigan with fringed sleeves on “I knew you were trouble” clip

Taylor Swift's yellow dress on Katie Couric

Yellow damask print dress and cardigan on Katie Couric

Taylor's cream and red floral dress on GMA

Floral dress on Good Morning America (Introducing “State of Grace”)

Taylor Swift's pink daisy skirt on Nightline

Pink floral skirt on Nightline interview

Taylors black frill bathing suit worn on day out with the Kennedys

Polka dot frilly one-piece swimsuit with red stripey shoes and polka dot headband

Taylor's green purse and yellow oxfords

Blue floral dress with yellow laceups, cat eye glasses and a green purse

Taylor Swift's black patterned dress

Black bird print dress with striped stockings and brown oxfords

Taylor's summer dress

Teal floral dress with white cardigan

Taylor Swift in a simple dress and cardigan

Simple Dress and cardigan

Taylor Swift in a pastel blue babydoll dress

Pastel Blue Dress and cardigan

Taylor Swift on the Today Show

Charcoal dress with black tights from the Today Show

Cute Dress Break

Taylor Swift in a pastel pink strapless dress

Pastel pink strapless dress and green sandals

Taylor Swift in a striped cardigan

Striped Cardigan with black boots and tan bag

Taylor Swift in a Red Dress and Black Cardigan

Red dress and black cardigan with black double mary janes

Taylor Swift in a Red Cardigan

Striped tights and floral zip front skirt

Taylor Swift in a blue dress and cardigan

Blue Flowery Dress

Taylor Swift in a blue cardigan

Long blue cardigan over black tights and boots

Cute Dress Break