What Would Taylor Swift Wear?

Taylor Swift in Jeans and Sweater

Jeans and a sweater with brown messenger bag

Taylor Swift's cute panda sweater

Grey Panda Sweater

Taylor Swift in a striped sweater and jeans

Striped Sweater, Jeans and Brown handbag

Taylor Swift's Heart Sweater from Phineas & Ferb

Heart Sweater from Phineas & Ferb

Taylor's grey dress on Good Morning America

Grey Lace Sleeved Dress on GMA

Taylor Swift in a Red dress and coat with Emma Stone

Red Dress and Coat

Taylor Swift's blue bag

Blue Bag and beige trench coat

Taylor Swift in a beanie, jeans and blazer

Navy Blue oversized beanie

Taylor swift in a one shoulder sweater

Cream off-shoulder pointelle sweater

Taylor Swift's cute yellow oversized beanie

Yellow knit beanie, navy toggle coat and tan oxford heels

Cute Dress Break

Taylor Swift on the Today Show

Charcoal dress with black tights from the Today Show

Taylor Swift key necklace

Key necklace at 2010 Sound and Speed

Taylor Swift in a white blouse

White blouse, black tiered skirt, chevron tights and lace up boots at Roberto Cavalli fashion show

Taylor Swift in Jeans and off shoulder top

Light pink off shoulder sweater with skinny jeans and boots at Muchmusic 2010

Taylor Swift at Muchmusic

Navy toggle coat from 2010 Muchmusic

Taylor Swift in a red striped shirt and tights

Red Striped Shirt and Tights

Taylor Swift in a grey sweater and tights

Grey Sweater and Tights

Taylor Swift in jeans

Long black coat over skinny jeans

Taylor Swift in a lace sweater and jeans

Lace Sweater and jeans with black boots and blue bag

Taylor Swift wearing a cute grey beanie

Grey beanie and red toggle coat with patterned stockings

Taylor Swift in Paris wearing a Red Coat

Red coat and black boots

Taylor Swift in a Pink Sweater

Pink crochet sweater with skinny jeans, oxfords and beanie

Taylor Swift wearing cute oxford heels

Black trenchcoat and cream cutout oxford heels

Cute Dress Break