What Would Taylor Swift Wear?

Taylor Swift's striped ruffle dress and yellow floral cardigan

Green striped ruffle dress with chevron tights while out to dinner with Selena Gomez

Taylor Swift's red beanie, brown pants and black oxfords

Black polka dot peter pan collar top with navy coat and red knit beanie

Taylor Swift's navy blue and black striped pullover with jeans

Navy blue striped sweater with jeans in New York

Taylor Swift's fox sweater with Harry Styles

Fox sweater and burgundy coat at the zoo with Harry Styles

Taylor Swift's red checkered shirt at LAX

Red gingham check shirt with jeans at LA Airport

Taylor Swift's b&w stripey top on Twitter

Black and white striped top from instagram

Taylor Swift's red jacket on the Arias

Red varsity jacket and super high waisted shorts at Arias performance

Taylor Swift's black and white animal print top in Sydney Australia

Black and white dog print top with gold bow headband and contrast oxfords in Sydney

Taylor Swift's navy blue blazer with roll up sleeves

Navy boyfriend blazer with jeans and light brown oxfords in Sydney

Taylor Swift's red polka dot 50s style dress while in Australia

Red polka dot dress in Australia

Cute Dress Break

Taylor Swift's polka dot pullover on TODAY Australia

Black top with metallic gold polka dots on The Today Show (Australia)

Taylor Swift's white roll sleeve shirt in Australia

White shirt with burgundy jeans in Sydney

Taylor Swift's white sweater with black stripes in Australia

White striped pullover, jeans and red keds in Australia

Taylor Swift's maroon dress in Japan

Burgundy dress and bow tights at Narita airport Japan

Taylor Swift's blue pullover in Japan

Blue cable knit sweater, patched pants and vintage style messenger bag at Narita Airport

Taylor Swift's stripey sweater in Parade behind the scenes video

Red and blue striped sweater behind the scenes of Parade Magazine shoot

Taylor Swift's plaid shirt and red striped top on I knew you were trouble

Plaid shirt, grey jeans and chucks on “I Knew You Were Trouble” clip

Taylor Swift's striped sweater and brown messenger bag

Striped sweater, jeans and brown messenger bag – With Selena Gomez

Taylor Swift's jeans and shirt outfit at the airport in LA

Jeans, basic black top and red velvet loafers at LAX Airport

Taylor Swift's Marc Jacobs sweater

Orange/red/white striped sweater

Taylor Swift's dress on Skavlan

Red and black dress on Skavlan

Taylor Swift's dice print dress

Navy blue dice print dress with white collar and brown satchel and patterned tights in London

Taylor Swift's black and white polka dot cat jumper

Polka dot cat sweater with burgundy pants in London

Cute Dress Break