What Would Taylor Swift Wear?

Taylor Swift white singlet

White cami, grey skirt and thin brown belt

Taylor Swift Grey Bow Shirt

Grey Bow Top

Taylor Swift in a striped cardigan

Striped Cardigan with black boots and tan bag

Taylor Swift in a strapless flowery dress

Strapless Flowery Dress

Taylor Swift in a Red Dress and Black Cardigan

Red dress and black cardigan with black double mary janes

Taylor Swift in a purple dress

Purple Half Sleeve Dress and tan tassle bag

Taylor Swift in an Off-shoulder tshirt

White Off-Shoulder Tshirt and headband

Taylor Swift in a Red Cardigan

Striped tights and floral zip front skirt

Taylor Swift in a blue dress and cardigan

Blue Flowery Dress

Taylor Swift in a blue cardigan

Long blue cardigan over black tights and boots

Cute Dress Break